Welcome Christophe Lebled

Welcome Christophe Lebled! Chris has joined the United Progressive Fraternity – UPF, by adding his arrangement for the opening theme (CD1 track 1 LOSS-HOPE) which is part of the Planetary Overload double set. Chris has added some nice keyboards to the song “What Happens Now”. He has also created the theme/overture called “Loss and Hope”.

Christophe Lebled

Christophe Lebled

Christophe Lebled (A great composer)

Chris has in turn worked with Jon Anderson a number of times over the years, more recently providing instrumentals for Jon Anderson’s prized concept album Survival & Other Stories.

Chris plays a big tribute to Vangelis while keeping within the same melody and intricate harmony structures of Vangelis compositions, the sound and atmosphere is uniquely his own, which makes a masterful re-creation to compliment the graceful soundscape of composer Vangelis. Christophe Lebled not only re-creates the sound of Vangelis, but rivals the composer in effect with some areas on this fine tribute release. You can listen to some of his wonderful work here: https://soundcloud.com/christophelebled