Unitopia - The Dream Complete (2017 box set)

"This is our swan song, our parting gift to the loyal, dedicated and loving fans of Unitopia. Mark and I wish to thank you for all your support, encouragement and love throughout the Unitopia journey. Even though this particular dream may be complete, there are many more dreams to come. This release is dedicated to Kris Guglielmucci and Mike Stewart who are no longer with us. You will forever be remembered. We miss you and love you." - Sean Timms
About the Box Set
Track Listing
About the Box Set

GEP are very pleased to announce they’ve teamed up with Unitopia for a special deluxe edition release of their debut album “More Than A Dream”.

Originally released in 2005 as a single CD, “More Than A Dream – The Dream Complete” is presented in a triple digipak with 24 page booklet, and features the original album re-mastered by Sean Timms and Matt Williams.

Disc one contains the re-mastered album, disc two features 70 minutes of remixes and “re-workings” of the album tracks, whilst disc three has a further 70 minutes of remixes, rare and unreleased tracks.

With nearly two and a half hours of extras - including brand new track “The Dream Complete” written especially for this release - and stunning all-new artwork from Ed Unitsky this is a beautifully designed package.

CD Booklet

Track Listing

Songs / Tracks Listing

Disc 1:
1. Common Goal
2. Fate
3. Justify
4. Take Good Care
5. Ride
6. More Than A Dream
7. Slow Down
8. Lives Go 'Round
9. Still Here
10. Unitopia (Bonus Track)
11. There's A Place (Bonus Track)

Disc 2:
1. Common Goal (Matt's re-work)
2. Fate (Matt's re-work)
3. Justify (Matt's re-work)
4. Take Good Care (Original Demo with Alternate Chorus)
5. Ride (Sean's re-work)
6. Ride (Extended 321 mix)
7. More Than A Dream (Sean's re-work)
8. Slow Down (Sean's re-mix)
9. Lives Go 'Round (Sean's re-mix)
10. Still Here (Matt's re-work)
11. Still Here (Sean's re-work)

Disc 3:
1. The Outsider (Originally Released on The Stories of H. P. Lovecraft)
2. Decameron Date 6 Tale 9 (Originally Released on Decameron - 10 Days in 100 Novellas Pt.2)
3. Haunted Storm (Previously Unreleased)
4. Ride (Dance mix)
5. There's A Place (Dance mix)
6. Common Goal (Dance mix)
7. Fate (Dance mix)
8. This Life (1996 Unreleased Demo)
9. Time For Change (1996 Unreleased Demo)
10. The Dream Complete (New Song written Especially for this Release)

Line-up / Musicians

- Mark Trueack / vocals
- Sean Timms / keyboards, vocals 
- Matt Williams / guitars 
- Tim Irrgang / percussion
- Monty Ruggiero / drums (From the Original 2005)
- Mike Stewart / multi-instrumentalist (From the Original 2005)
- Daniel Burgess / sax, clarinet, flute, piccolo, didgeridoo
- Craig Kelly / bass
- David Hopgood / drums, percussion

Release information

Label: Giant Electric Pea Ltd.
Format: 3CD, Digital
October 23, 2017
Cover: Ed Unitsky


The Progmeister


"For those like myself who missed the train with Unitopia The Dream Complete is a must have. Listening to it has made me want to explore the bands albums i feel i have missed out on. To fans and followers it’s a worthy addition to their collection and own something special to boot. Production, packaging and shear musicality, this three disc box set has it. The Dream Complete May be Unitopia’s swan song but it is one hell of a note to end on."



Peter Meyer (Baby Blaue)


"The real expectations of this third silverling focus on the last joint work of Timms and Trueack, the swan song Unitopias, the farewell gift to the loyal fans. The dynamic title track The Dream Completeby no means disappointed. Synthesizer pads, guitar riff with piano overtones and wummerbass lead in, after 1:12 comes Trueack's first stanza. The chorus is, as so often at Unitopia, optimistic, auspicious and catchy, has unexpected harmonic twists and is enhanced by jazz feeling, instrumental breaks, syncopated runs with guitar, bass and keyboards. Trueack's voice and phrasing resemble Peter Gabriel, the mix is ​​right. The band takes us on a confident journey, referring to the completed chapter and the new challenges ( the dream is complete and we reached a new beginning, the path that we take, a new journey we'll be making ). Too bad that it is already over after 5 minutes. Too bad it's over."



Mark Johnson (Music Street Journal)


"This is a fantastic compilation of mysteries and orchestrations of what is best in this world. Buy this, sit back and enjoy one of the most original sounding recordings you will ever hear. Take in the masterful musical play and singing and be grateful you were able to find it and enjoy it to its fullest. It is well worth your time and effort."



Christos Athanasiadis (Rockaway) [Greek]


"However, for fans of the genre, it is worthwhile to make a trip to space and time and to discover the Australians from their maiden re-release, just like me, as long as I had been away for so many years from the radar."



Mel Allen (The Progressive Aspect)


"I have been a follower of Unitopia since their successful appearance at the Summer’s End festival in 2010, with their brand of symphonic styling coupled with great melody and catchy rhythms, the band often use thought provoking topics for their songs: environmental issues, political and social upheaval. So it came as a surprise to me that there was a further album out there released before the two I was familiar with."



Karl-Göran Karlsson (ArtRock) [Sweden]

"CD 3 is one of a gold mine. Here, for example, there are two amazing long songs that were only previously published on compilations with other music. Here, in my opinion, they get a more natural residence. The songs are "The Outsider" and "Decameron Day 6 Tale 9". Especially the latter is a 20 minute long and amazingly enjoyable piece. It's actually incomprehensible that this piece did not fit on its own Unitopia album before, because I actually think it's one of the best they've ever recorded!"


Douwe Fledderus (ProgVisions) [Dutch]

"With this release, Unitopia’s debut album finally gets the score it deserves. The album is very strong and I love the classical influences and the strong and unique voice of Mark Trueack. But musically speaking the driving force behind this album is of course composer Sean Timms. If you missed the debut album of Unitopia this re-release is a valuable addition to your prog collection."