Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope’

Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss (CD1) and Hope (CD2)’

News update for immediate release (10 November 2015)

The forthcoming CDs by United Progressive Fraternity (UPF), described by the founder and ‘Architectual-Director’ of the musical concept that is UPF, Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack, (co-founder of the band Unitopia) as ‘the most communicated albums ever made’, is an ambitious undertaking that unites a team of international artists who are collaborating with Truey to record two CDs worth of material that will delve deeper into the environmental issues that we all face as a united world.

The two themes, ‘Loss’ [CD1] and ‘Hope’ [CD2] will focus on the problems we are already beginning to encounter on a troubled planet and expected to face with increasing severity in the near future, and taking immediate positive action to mitigate those effects to ensure humanity’s survival. The album release is expected to culminate in a series of exciting global musical events which will raise further awareness about the plight of our planet and what we can all do to help.

Planetary Overload - Loss and HopeDr. James E. Hansen


United Progressive Fraternity is working alongside with the support of climate gurus such as Dr. James E. Hansen, and we invite other environmental warriors to contact us.

Contact: trueack (at)