1. hello UPF,
    I’m so glad you guys are still making music even though unitopia is over. I also like your website, but I can’t stop thinking: where did they get the background? is there any way I could see the picture somewhere?

    • Hi Eric, we want to take on on all of the world but it always comes back to expense, we are working on strategies to get there!
      Thank you for your support
      We will stay in touch

  2. Love the CD, some stirring compositions … thought I might buy a few t-shirts, but I can’t locate an actual merchandise purchase link to do so … any suggestions?

  3. Truey,

    Thanks for the invite to follow along with UPF. Like many others I heard Unitopia at the “end” and wished you guys had 10 more albums…. it looks like my wish may come true with the rising of UPF. All of us are looking forward to some awesome music!

    Should you guys ever make it to Oregon, USA… PLEASE remember us little guys down in the south end of the state and do a night or two here in Medford, OR. And should that not happen, and should you be “Just Passing Through” contact me as I would love to discuss music with you guys… again, thanks to be part of the new UPF efforts.

    May your efforts be blessed,

  4. Discovered your wonderful work, browsing through the internet to find good progressive music. Always was inspired by such bands as Gentle Giant and Premiata Forneria Marconi. I think you are not worse.
    ps. Regret you don’t have own wikipedia page.

  5. I am thrilled to have found where the Unitopia members went…at first hear I was hooked,and as stated by others,crushed that it had ceased to exist.I thank MOROW internet radio for playing a UPF cut on the show…they get the credit for me,and i’m sure,many others enjoying your music!!! Can I pre-order?

  6. I went from Germany more than 300 km to Heerlen/NL to see “Unitopia” 😉 for the first time in my life.
    I was realy surprised, that not more people came to visit your show and listen to the beautiful Music.
    I hope that Mr. Arnold is restored to health!
    All the best wishes to the Band! I hope to see you once in the near future in Northern-Germany as well!

  7. I was hugely disappointed to hear about the demise of Unitopia, but the theme and sound seems to be continuing with UPF. I wish you every success and I am looking forward to hearing the debut album. I am going to try to get over to Glasgow in October for the live show. See you then!

  8. Hi there guys,

    What a great song!! It will be a long wait till october……………….

    Any chance of a mailinglist to keep the non facebook population up to date??


  9. Hi UPF,

    I was very disappointed when I heard that Unitopia had stopped.
    So, I am very glad with this new band with great musicians.

    Hope to see you in the Netherlands when you are on tour.

    Best regards,

  10. I am so excited about this project. Unitopia’s music touched me deeply and I have no doubt that UPF will do the same. I can’t wait to hear more from you all.
    Keithie. Xxx

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