Fall in Love with the World (CD release 2014)

“Fall in Love with the World” is the first UPF release, containing over 60 minutes of music that takes the listener on a thought-provoking journey of global awareness. The album was officially launched at the UK’s Summers End Festival in Autumn 2014. The Album was released in Europe on 14 November 2014 and 27th for the rest of the world.


“…the underlying theme which is Ecology and taking care of our planet; the lyrics certainly leave you in no doubt but fortunately these are wrapped up with beautifully constructed and melodic music with wonderful themes, refrains and choruses.” – rocktopia.co.uk

“…offers a symphonic, beautiful sound prog that is interspersed with all kinds of world music and jazz sounds. The songs are instrumental and produced with great attention to detail. Saxophone, flute, clarinet and violin provide extremely colorful arrangements.” – Metal1.info

“…nothing is wasted upon appearances, everyone’s talents and personalities are utilized with vivid detail; and in the end, the record is devoid of sci-fi anomalies, taking aim lyrically at a realistic worldly view of our society – and there is no tension or desperation, not being burdened by what their peers are up to. So it’s everything you would expect, living up to the challenge loudly.” – ytsejam


Fall in Love with the World

The album is available at
InsideOut Music

Producers: of  “THE WATER”
Matt Williams, Mark Trueack, and Steve Layton.

UPF songs are published by



Producers Matt Williams, Mark Trueack, and Sean Timms

Additional arrangements by Guy Manning, Matt Coxhead* and Ian Ritchie

Track listing:

1. Overture*
2. Choices

3. Intersection
4. Dont look Back
5. The Water
6. Travelling Man (The Story of Eshu)
7. Fall in Love with the World

8. Religion of war

9. The Water (extended version)



Download Lyrics: UPF-Fall-in-love-with-the-World



Dan Mash (Bass) [Maschine, The Tangent]
David Hopgood (Drums/Vocals) [Unitopia]
Guy Manning (Keyboards/Guitars/Mandolins/Vocals) [Manning, The Tangent]
Marek Arnold (Saxes/Clarinet/Keyboards) [Seven Steps to the Green Door, Toxic Smile]
Mark (truey) Trueack (Vocals) [Unitopia]
Matt Williams (Guitars/Vocals) [Unitopia]
Tim Irrgang (Percussion) [Unitopia]

Special Guests:

Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett, Steve Unruh, Laurie Larson,Claire Vezina, Guillermo Cides, Brittany and Holly Trueack, Jonathan Barrett, Ian Ritchie