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Welcome Christophe Lebled

Welcome Christophe Lebled! Chris has joined the United Progressive Fraternity – UPF, by adding his arrangement for the opening theme (CD1 track 1 LOSS-HOPE) which is part of the Planetary Overload double set. Chris has added some nice keyboards to the song “What Happens Now”. He has also created the theme/overture called “Loss and Hope”.

Christophe Lebled

Christophe Lebled

Christophe Lebled (A great composer)

Chris has in turn worked with Jon Anderson a number of times over the years, more recently providing instrumentals for Jon Anderson’s prized concept album Survival & Other Stories.

Chris plays a big tribute to Vangelis while keeping within the same melody and intricate harmony structures of Vangelis compositions, the sound and atmosphere is uniquely his own, which makes a masterful re-creation to compliment the graceful soundscape of composer Vangelis. Christophe Lebled not only re-creates the sound of Vangelis, but rivals the composer in effect with some areas on this fine tribute release. You can listen to some of his wonderful work here:

Welcome Jerry Marotta

Jerry Marotta

Jerry Marotta

6 April 2016 – United Progressive Fraternity is indeed proud to welcome on board world-class drummer and producer Jerry Marotta, who is currently working on the drum layout for the track “What Happens Now” on the forthcoming UPF release ‘Planetary Overload’.

Marotta was a member of the bands Arthur, Hurley & Gottlieb (1973–75) Orleans (1976–77 & 1982), Peter Gabriel’s band (1977–86), Hall & Oates (1979–81), the Indigo Girls (1991–99), Stackridge (2011), Sevendys (2010–present) and The Tony Levin Band (1995 to present).

Marotta also played drums on Stevie Nicks and Michael Campbell’s song “Whole Lotta Trouble” from Nicks’ 1989 album The Other Side of the Mirror. He has also performed on albums by Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLachlan, Marshall Crenshaw, The Dream Academy, Suzanne Vega, Carlene Carter, John Mayer, Iggy Pop, Tears for Fears, Elvis Costello, Cher, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Peter Gabriel, Lawrence Gowan, Ron Sexsmith, Banda do Casaco and many others.

In addition to his work as a studio and stage drummer, he is a singer, composer and record producer. In 1996 he produced Ellis Paul’s A Carnival of Voices. He is currently touring with The Security Project. Marotta currently lives in Woodstock, New York with his wife.

We welcome Jerry to the growing ensemble of acclaimed musicians to join the Fraternity for the release of ‘the best communicated album ever made’, Planetary Overload (coming March 2018).

Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope’

Planetary Overload is now ‘Planetary Overload – Loss (CD1) and Hope (CD2)’

News update for immediate release (10 November 2015)

The forthcoming CDs by United Progressive Fraternity (UPF), described by the founder and ‘Architectual-Director’ of the musical concept that is UPF, Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack, (co-founder of the band Unitopia) as ‘the most communicated albums ever made’, is an ambitious undertaking that unites a team of international artists who are collaborating with Truey to record two CDs worth of material that will delve deeper into the environmental issues that we all face as a united world.

The two themes, ‘Loss’ [CD1] and ‘Hope’ [CD2] will focus on the problems we are already beginning to encounter on a troubled planet and expected to face with increasing severity in the near future, and taking immediate positive action to mitigate those effects to ensure humanity’s survival. The album release is expected to culminate in a series of exciting global musical events which will raise further awareness about the plight of our planet and what we can all do to help.

Planetary Overload - Loss and HopeDr. James E. Hansen


United Progressive Fraternity is working alongside with the support of climate gurus such as Dr. James E. Hansen, and we invite other environmental warriors to contact us.

Contact: trueack (at)

Voices of Babylon

Hi Everyone its Truey I have been invited to play on a brand new project called Voices of Babylon which has been created by multi talented musician Alex Grata and the brilliant art designer Ed Unitsky. Many artists from all over the globe will be contributing to this very unique project.

I will be recording the track in the USA with my good friend Steve Unruh who is also contributing to the project, please follow this project here and on

Mark Truey Trueack - Voices of Babylon

Special Guests Announced

UPF (A) is delighted to announce two new members to our Australian base. They are Dan Burgess (sax), who played and toured with Unitopia in 2011-12. Dan [bio] plays flute, clarinet, all sax instruments, and didgeridoo. Also, on piano, keyboards, and vocals we are proud to welcome Barry Timmins. Barry [bio] has a strong musical background and will add the songwriting and arrangements on the new album.

On the last album we were extremely fortunate to have the brilliant Steve Hackett.. well I received confirmation that he will indeed lend his guitar talents once more; he is a real gentleman. While I was in London I caught up with Steve’s former keyboardist Nick Magnus [bio], he too will play keys on one of the tracks.



Pro-active Sydney trip

Spent an extended long week-end in Sydney choosing arrangements from another great composer Dale Nougher we chatted about the concepts for Planetary Overload and some of the music he had written. I am very excited about the music that was presented to me. Dale is a new age composer with lots of world influences, I jammed a lyrical idea to one of the tracks and knitted perfectly, More soon…Truey X

Laying Down Vocals in USA

My charming wife Cheryl and I will be heading to Providence USA in late September / early October. We will spend some time in L.A. and Vegas, then fly 7 hours to Providence to meet with the great Steve Unruh in order to write and record new songs for “Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope”. I have already penned many lyrical concepts and have plenty of new ideas that will bring this project together. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Guy Manning has created two more arrangements that are being reviewed by the band. Guy has already collaborated with me on a new piece called “Dark Sun” (a 16 min piece about air pollution). Steve Unruh has embraced the demo and is adding ideas to the arrangement.

The great thing about all of these collaborations,is that every song will be recorded and we will all have a say on what makes the final  package. The songs that don’t make it onto this next album, will probably be played live on the forthcoming tour. I am also catching up with Nick Magnus over the week-end to discuss arrangement ideas. More soon…. Truey X

Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope

UPF Australia had their first official get together with regards to working on new album, expectations, tour 2017 plus outlining lyrical ideas for the new project and what we wanted to achieve in the coming year. We will be announcing producers and guest artists in the coming months, watch this space for more. Truey X