Planetary Overload Lyrics Contest Winners

Special message from Mark Truey Trueack: This project is about passionate people vetting their feelings through music and words, and UPF really becoming the people's band and project.

Amber Schultz - Toxic World


"I'm excited to be welcomed into the UPF family, grateful for the opportunity and honoured to be asked to contribute to the album and work with such talented people. I'm looking forward to following the development of the song also and hearing the final production. I've spent time listening to the music you've all produced and love it! The message you send to the world through music is fantastic. I know Mark and everyone involved will do it justice. Exciting times!"

James Sheridan - Start Over Again


I was inspired to write lyrics for the UPF song contest because I wholeheartedly support UPF and their commitment to help save our planet through awareness expressed in their music, particularly their unique style which is progressive in so many ways.

UPF's music - aside from being diverse and pushing limits in the "progressive rock" genre, addresses the most important issues facing our planet today - that is - our planet depends on us to act now, if we are to survive into the future. As human beings we are all interconnected to our planet which feeds us and brings forth new life.

There can be nothing more urgent than keeping our planet healthy, because by doing so we are also keeping ourselves and our offspring healthy. We have to stop polluting our home in space, because it is our only real home.

UPF are using their energy through the power of music to spark awareness in people the world over - to act now and do what we can to help heal the ecological wounds that climate change and all it's side effects are causing on a global scale. As Truey and his fellow musicians sang in the chorus of one of their epic songs, "We are all parts of the whole!"

Dale R. Schroader - Milestone


I entered the contest because I have enjoyed penning lyrics since I was 13.  I think the best music is when lyrics and notes meld perfectly together.  The lyrics I submitted were originally begun some 18 - 20 years ago, when I was feeling a bit low, and have never been used in song.  They have slightly morphed over time, and when I read your contest,I thought that with a couple of more tweeks, they might be a good fit for one of your subjects.

The Lyrics

Lyrics submitted to the contest are copyrighted by their respective authors. In general, the winning lyrics will be incorporated as a single song and/or reprise of a song. Lyrics may be modified to and match the message/theme of the overall CD (Loss or Hope). Lyricists will be credited on the song/album and eligible for royalties. Lyrics will be available on this page once the songs have been finalised.

Honorable Mention

Disclaimer: Lyrics catagorised as 'Honorable Mention' may still be used on the album 'Planetary Overload' in part either sung or spoken. The decision on the use of these lyrics is subject to the songwriters, producers, and arrangers representing United Progressive Fraternity. Lyrics may also be modified to fit the music and theme of the song it is incorporated in. Any use of these lyrics will be credited to the copyrighted author listed below and eligible for royalties.

The Earth Story - Ms.Akshaya Pawaskar

Asteroid - Angelo Hulshout

Conscience, Wickedness and Greed - Thomas Obert

Storm - Anthony (Tony) Colvill

By and By (a song of hope) - Jane Louise Johnson

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