Matt Coxhead


Matt Coxhead-Overture Producer

Matthew’s musical passion is Composition . If you asked him why ? In one word “Beethoven” . Be it a piece for Solo Voice , a Song or writing for Orchestra , it’s the challenge to find a new musical direction to explore and connect to people’s emotions . His musical path has taken him through composing all styles and forms of music with the Orchestra his most loved vehicle of expression .

Born the son of a Piano Tuner , he began Violin at 3 years of age when the Suzuki Method was first introduced in Australia . As a teenager his sole focus became the Guitar and song writing . Over time this lead him back to the playing Violin as a tool to record his own string writing . In the following years an obsession for the Piano refocused his direction and desire to compose music for the Orchestra . He studied composition under David Hush and continued to explore Orchestra colors combining different genres of music .

Matthew’s love for the Great Orchestral Composers , Film Scoring and his company Symphonic Samples inspires his current path , with a desire to write music that evokes a visual world . When Mark Trueack discussed his vision of UPF and his want to open the album with an Overture , it was the perfect vehicle for Matthew to compose a piece of music combining his different influences and styles whilst using Mark’s voice as an instrument and not focusing on words , to allow the listener to enter into the sound world of United Progressive Fraternity .