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This song sums up the weight and power of the message of this album. Enjoy life and this Earth to the best of your ability, but don’t take what you don’t need, and take good care of what has been given. The refrain is perfect, “Fall in love with the world. The world needs to fall in love”. It will have you singing along. Mark Johnson (opening poem narrator)



United Progressive Fraternity is a true fraternity in the sense of involving community and fan participation in all aspects of promoting sustainable care and concern for the environment and the human conditions of living under increasingly restricted resources such as food, water, and various types of oppression – through music.





United Progressive Fraternity ‎– Fall In Love With The World
Label: Inside Out Music ‎– 0506951, Inside Out Music ‎– IOMLP 409

  • Matt Williams – Guitars 
  • David Hopgood – Drums 
  • Tim Irrgang – Percussion 
  • Claire Vezena – French and English Backing vocals 
  • Guy Manning – Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards 
  • Jonathan Barrett – Fretless Bass 
  • Ian Ritchie – Flute and Sax 
  • Mark Truey Trueack – Vocals 
  • Lyrics Mark Truey Trueack
  • Arranged and Produced by Matt Williams, Sean Timms and Guy Manning 
  • Directed by Mark Truey Trueack 
  • Produced by Ted Ollikkala


Additional Music Credits:

  • Music taken from Unitopia’s ‘Artificial’ – the song Tesla Produced by Sean Timms and Mark Trueack
  • Label: InsideOut Music ‎– 0523-2



Featured Performers & Special Guests

  1. Mark Truey Trueack  http://unitedprogressivefraternity.com/site/about-upf/mark-trueack/
  2. Dale Nougher http://www.dalenoughermusic.com/ 
  3. Jose Manuel Medina http://thelegendgroup.co.uk/mandalaband/band/jose-medina/ 
  4. Owen Lelean https://www.facebook.com/owen.lelean 
  5. Joanna St. Claire https://joannastclaire.bandcamp.com/ 
  6. Nick Gielkins https://www.facebook.com/mostlypink 
  7. Steve Unruh http://www.steveunruh.com/ 
  8. Angelo Hulshout http://www.hulshout.nl/ 
  9. Barry Timmins http://unitedprogressivefraternity.com/site/about-upf/barry-timmins/ 
  10. Ben Craven http://bencraven.com/ 
  11. Phil Naro http://philnaro.com/ 
  12. Kristoffer Gildenlöw http://www.kristoffergildenlow.com/ 
  13. Dr. James E. Hansen   http://www.columbia.edu/~jeh1/ 
  14. Rachel Parent  http://www.kidsrighttoknow.com/


 Footage Credits

1. Rachel Parenthttp://www.kidsrighttoknow.com/


2. Eddie Becker https://www.youtube.com/user/ebecker2000


3.  Spreading Wings http://www.spreadingwings.com.au/


4. High Adventure RC – Adam Gerlach  


5. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


 *Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0), for Attribution-NonCommercial use






Kids Right to Know







 We are currently inviting key industry players to explore partnership opportunities with us in the areas of: 

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions and products
  • Music promotion
  • Advertising, marketing
  • Green Organisations/ Responsible Activism
  • Tour management and venue booking
  • Bands interested in touring with UPF
  • Exhibitions and product demonstrations
  • Band Merchandise (should be eco-friendly and co-branded)
  • Fundraising
  • Interviews and feature articles
  • Music collaboration and guest appearances
  • Use of UPF music in television, movies, documentaries
  • Volunteer Internships – working directly with the band
  • Making fan music videos


What UPF can offer:


Co-branded merchandise, product sales, event promotion, music distribution, viral marketing campaigns, charity funding, celebrity endorsements, etc.


Envision your logo next to ours; together we can make a difference.


Contact Ted Ollikkala at teducation at gmail dot com for all inquiries



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4 thoughts on “Fall in Love with the World – Video Campaign 2016

  • Reply
    Jean-Blaise "JB" Betrisey

    Happy New Year to all the people with good will !
    Let’s teach to our children Tolerance, Generosity, Respect for the others and Mother Earth by our example, day by day. Love is All

  • Reply

    Fall in Love with the World…the world needs to fall in love. Thank you UPF for this beautiful song. If we all do our part we can and will make a difference. As a teacher, I challenge all my students to spread the word! As a music journalist, I challenge all my colleagues to spread the word. As a nature lover, I hope we work together to find the balance soon. Fall in love with the world….today! xKat

  • Reply

    ( I discovered the United Progressive Fraternity at the 1st of December 2016, when I received my copy of “Fall in Love With the World”. One of the best things that could happen to me after I stumbled upon Unitopia while searching for new Prog Rock I could listen to. )

    As a young student I feel very concerned about this topic, and am trying to find my own ways to reduce waste and resource consumption. It’s not always easy to follow them, but the small steps are not to be underestimated.
    Take the time to question your way of life, what you eat and what you need. Make your choices and stand up to not let them drown in ancient habits. Ask your surroundings, querying often suffices, there’s no need to preach.

    Music unites, please share it. The World is shared, please love it.

    With love,
    Ulrich, from Germany