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Thoughts by Mark Trueack: 


color unitopia 3In my time with Unitopia, formed with keyboardist Sean Timms, it was the way that we worked together on ideas that were put forward which that made it work so well. Sean is a great musician! I truly enjoyed his friendship during our time together. I love him like a brother, and I still do.
Many people are still discovering Unitopia and it seems that they are wanting more of our collaborative music. Some of our greatest creations were The Garden, Tesla, The Great Reward, & The Outsider, which are presented on this page. Now here is some interesting trivia! One of the greatest and least played Unitopia tracks is the epic 20 minute ‘Day 6 Tale 9’ taken from CD4 of Decameron II. Yes – I think Sean and I love this track and it deserves to be heard.
What are we doing now? I have continued my passion of writing thought-provoking lyrics with a new focus on our planet’s problems. My passion and my dream is to keep bringing more and more musicians together and continue making very interesting and meaningful musical arrangements. In the meantime, Sean has just finished his debut album with Southern Empire, which consists of five very talented band members. Whatever Sean does, you can be assured it will be of the highest level of musicianship.
I love Sean, and saw him as true mentor, teaching me some of the finer points of recording and arrangements.From me I think he picked up marketing skills, communication, and still carries the seeds for many songs that I planted. As part of my bucket list, I would like to record one more UNITOPIA album and finish on a positive note.
Thank you, Sean  Heart-icon (1)

Mark is currently collaborating with Samurai of Prog’s Steve Unruh on new songs for ‘Planetary Overload – Songs of Hope’ (United Progressive Fraternity).

Mark Truey Trueack - Voices of Babylon

Mark has been invited to play on a brand new project called ‘Voices of Babylon’ which has been created by multi talented musician Alex Grata and the brilliant art designer Ed Unitsky. Many artists from all over the globe will be contributing to this very unique project. He will be recording the track in the USA with Steve Unruh who is also contributing to the project.


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