Daily Archives: May 15, 2015

Laying Down Vocals in USA

My charming wife Cheryl and I will be heading to Providence USA in late September / early October. We will spend some time in L.A. and Vegas, then fly 7 hours to Providence to meet with the great Steve Unruh in order to write and record new songs for “Planetary Overload – Loss and Hope”. I have already penned many lyrical concepts and have plenty of new ideas that will bring this project together. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Guy Manning has created two more arrangements that are being reviewed by the band. Guy has already collaborated with me on a new piece called “Dark Sun” (a 16 min piece about air pollution). Steve Unruh has embraced the demo and is adding ideas to the arrangement.

The great thing about all of these collaborations,is that every song will be recorded and we will all have a say on what makes the final  package. The songs that don’t make it onto this next album, will probably be played live on the forthcoming tour. I am also catching up with Nick Magnus over the week-end to discuss arrangement ideas. More soon…. Truey X