Announcing International Representatives/Add your album review

We hope to announce our international representatives before the end of the year.
This will include

  • our plans on how we can play in your country in 2016-17
  • Charity Initiatives
  • Sponsorships
  • Follow up album (different sound)

If you wish to write your own review for the latest album, please head to Amazon


It really means a lot to us, and you’ll be helping to spread our message as well as great music!

Album released in Europe/Reviews coming in

The Album has been released in Europe and reviews are coming thick and fast, I must say, on behalf of the team, we are being received really well and I thank Thomas, Jessica, Peter and Freddy for all their hard work. I am still doing many interviews and as the rest of the world receives the album we will pick up the pace. We have recruited several new fans who want to help with our focus to promote environmental change and peace through UPF music


Back Home

So now we are all back in our homes safe and sound, and although the tour was cut short we were still able to have a great little promo tour meeting lots of new people and making new friends.

The Album will soon be available, the schedules are 14th November in Europe/UK and 27th in USA, Canada, Asia New Zealand and Australia.The album will also be available on Vinyl in limited Numbers. for Australian fans the special edition version will be released through JBHIFI.

I am currently working ideas for the follow up album and hope to start work on it very soon. I have also been talking to several producers and have enticed Steve Hackett to return on a much larger scale. Nick Magnus Steve’s friend and keyboardist will also be a a part of the new line up of producers.

Other news is that UPF have been invited to make a new song for the 3rd installment of the Decameron, this will feature Marco Bernard on Bass, Steve Unruh, Violin,flutes,Guitars, Tim Irrgang percussion more about this project soon… – Truey



In response to the signing to Inside Out Music

We are absolutely thrilled to be signed to such a prestigious label as InsideOut and look forward to a long fruitful partnership in the future. We are very proud of what we have achieved with the making of this, the debut album from UPF.
Everyone has worked incredibly hard to bring it together, and while the road we travelled to get here was a real challenge, the journey has been worth every step.  We have strived to create a richer, bolder, grittier sound trying to evolve a little more and we truly believe we have succeeded in this. But none of it would have been possible without the commitment, passion and belief in the vision of the Fraternity from every member of the band and the newly formed UPF family – so now….we really are, all parts of the whole!!


United Progressive Fraternity sign to InsideOutMusic

United Progressive Fraternity sign to InsideOutMusic for debut album

InsideOutMusic are very pleased to announce the signing of United Progressive Fraternity for the release of their debut album ‘Fall In Love With The World’ this November. Formed from the ashes of respected Australian progressive rockers Unitopia, the band sees Matt Williams, Dave Hopgood, Tim Irrgang & Mark ‘Truey’ Trueack joined by Guy Manning (Manning), Daniel Mash (Maschine, The Tangent) & Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile, Seven Steps to the Green Door, Cyril, Flaming Row).
The forthcoming album also features guest appearances from Jon Anderson of Yes, as well as Genesis’ Steve Hackett . 



Album Mastering completed

Today we finished mastering the album! We have just sent it off to our record label (who we will announce later this week). Martin Pullan who mastered the album was very impressed with the production and musicianship, stating that he has never heard anything like this before.
The release date for “Fall in Love with the World” TBA 


Final Mixing

Today we scheduled the final mixing of the Album, locking in the Mastering sessions for the 14th of August. Matt Williams has been working tirelessly making sure that every note and sound is perfect. So now we are entering the final stage, and getting the album ready for the record label which will be announced shortly. 


Overture piece arrangement is finished

One of our silent producers, Mr Matt Coxhead, has just completed the arrangement for the opening track “We only get one World”. This wonderful overture piece sets up the album with lush orchestral themes allowing the listener to get immersed in the music. 


Just signed with a new label

Mark signed a contract with a major progressive rock label today, which is truly amazing when you consider how saturated the market is with Progressive music. This will certainly delay the album release due to the infrastructures that are in place with this label. The label itself will be making the announcement very soon! 


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