Colin Tench

Colin Tench(Guitars)

Via Melodic Revolution Records (30 Dec 2017):

The music has gone quiet temporarily at Melodic Revolution Records as we sadly report the tragic news of the loss of one near and dear to our hearts and a member of our Melodic Revolution Family. Last evening our dear friend and Musician Extraordinaire, Colin Tench left this world, and though the music lives on we will forever feel the loss of his creativity.

According to members of the family we have learned that Colin passed away peacefully due to natural causes. Out of respect to his family we felt it necessary to keep this info out of the public attention until all family members were notified.

On behalf of us all at Melodic Revolution Records we extend our deepest love, eternal respect and condolences to the family, friends and fans of Colin Tench. Colin was 63 years old and had just released his latest album “minor Masterpiece” under the “Colin Tench Project.” Anyone that knew or had worked with him could and most definitely would tell you that he was an under-rated and exceptionally talented musician who was charismatic and witty, well respected and loved. Colin was a rare breed indeed in today’s world, a friend and mentor to so many. Colin will be missed more than words can express. We hope that he has taken his wings to join the great gig in the sky, heaven is blessed with our loss. May you rest in peace.

My Dear Colin,
My beautiful, wonderful, amazing friend and brother. I can’t express this deep heartbroken loss I am feeling right now. It is the unspoken word that says the most sometimes… you know… that pause between the musical phrases of life that we reflect upon. I will miss you so and be lost without your friendship and the comradery that we have shared. Your humor was amazing and always brought a smile of admiration to my face even at the worst times, thinking how truly honored I was to even be working and collaborating with a musical genius as you are was simply astounding to me. For in this brief time I’ve been blessed to have known you, you’ve taught me so much. The musical connection we had was simply amazing and divinely inspired… this I know is true. Your compassion, love and knowledge of people and music was unending, honorable at the very least, and this energy and life that IS Colin is still alive and with us and can never cease until times end. You are truly The Maestro of this Masterpiece of life that you have led… and so today… as I write this letter to you with tears in my eyes, I take my hat off to you and bow my head in silence, in love, in respect, and in admiration for your very being and know that you have been lifted up on angels wings my dear dear friend… I know I will one day see you again, the Mad Yeti is not getting rid of me that easily, my orchestra awaits your next baton wave boss… Until we meet again dear brother… Godspeed … natti natti … xoxoxo Gordo Bennett

“My interest in UPF is more than just the music. I have seen pristine coral reefs and then returned to the same places later to find the coral devastated by weird temperature changes in the sea. I visited an Orang Utan rehab centre in Sumatra, mountain trails in the Himalayas, untouched islands in Asia, etc. Sadly, all of these places are now suffering climate problems, massive increases in tourism or war. I’ve seen it and don’t like it!”

In the last 2 years I have been working with many wonderful musicians on albums under the “Colin Tench Project” (CTP) name. Right now the drummer is Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh, Eagles, CSN etc), a true statesman of rock.

The prime singer on both albums is Peter Jones (Camel, Tiger Moth Tales etc), another stunning musician and human being. Through meeting Mark Trueack, I had the luck to find Gordon Bennett, who is now my main collaborator in music, so I have to thank Mark for being the centre of so many good things and even hope that he will honour us with his magical voice one day!

I am also known by some, as the guitarist in Corvus Stone. We tend to play rock music with a touch of just about everything, and often instrumental only. Some say retro. It probably is but not by design.

I love varied music. I grew up with the music of the 60s & 70s in London. It was surprising, fun and it encompassed almost every form of music known. We now call that no rules approach, “Prog”.

I was not involved in actually playing music until the 80s and that was a mistake! Progressive music was not wanted much back then, so 3 years gigging in London with Odin was almost doomed to failure, although we very much enjoyed it.

In 1985 three of us from Odin plus a singer from Los Angeles formed BunChakeze and recorded an album with no help or backing. Again it was great to do but the wrong time. Record companies all showed us the door without listening even.

I began to focus more on work and my other passion: Travel. I love discovering new places, Mountains, Deserts, Jungle, “Real things”. I spent as much time as possible, travelling all over the world. The fact that I was ever in a band became a distant memory.

I can claim for certain, that I was the first backpacker in Afghanistan with the album “Animals” on cassette in 1977. I left a copy of it in a cafe there. I have always forced good music on people! I now live in Sweden, probably the last wilderness in Europe and have fallen headlong into music again.

I started by releasing the BunChakeze album “Whose Dream” 25 years late.

(2012) Corvus Stone released our first 80 minutes album

(2012) I played guitar on The Road To Avalon with ” The Minstrel’s Ghost” Blake Carpenter(a regular with Corvus Stone) and the great Zoltan Csörsz Jr played drums.

(2013) Produced and played guitar on “Return to Mingulay” with Andy john Bradford’s Oceans 5. This is a folk based band but with a difference. Vic Tassone (Unified Past) on drums & Marco Chiappini (also on the Road to Avalon) played keys. We were honoured to have Pink Floyd’s Lorelei McBroom was a guest on the single.

(2014) Corvus Stone II, our 2nd 80 minute album was released

During this time I also played guitars on a semi classical piece called “Wish you could Hear” with Andres Guazzelli, who was also a guest with Oceans 5 and Corvus Stone.

(2014-2015) I did some production and guitars with the band Transmission Rails, which will see a full album in the future. Stef Flaming plays most of the instruments and he was the bass player in Oceans 5 and guest also with Corvus Stone. Our guest drummers so far have been the amazing Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh), and Gary Lynn Hodges (Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham)

2015 Corvus Stone Unscrewed was released

This year (2017), I joined Steve Gresswell’s Coalition as guitarist and that album is about to be released.

I have been working on some music for UPF with Steve Gresswell of Coalition and Petri Lindström, the bass player of Corvus Stone.

Yes I have been busy!

I would say that my approach to music is about getting the right notes or additional melodies to add something to a composition. In Corvus Stone, we all play what we want and that results in something that is unique. You actually can hear that we are all different kinds of musicians. So we end up with a new recipe for every song we do. I also mix our albums and have no equipment at all really. I use my ears and very basic tools and those tools are way easier to use than the 4 track studio world not so long ago. I am not avoiding technology, I just find that it usually sounds bad and takes the life away from music rather too often.

We all have music in us, tho’ nobody knows why. A simple sound, the right note, a magic phrase. That’s what I try to get. That is me!