Angus Keay


“I love music… I believe music to be one of the few truly tangible forms of expression that can divulge the makeup of our universe: colour, resonance, vibrancy, dynamics, emotion and feel. Our universe is a living entity teaming with energy. Music is the song it sings… I believe a musician’s goal is to be able to hear how music wishes to be written while listening to the story it tells.”

Angus Keay grew up in a very musical environment. His mother; a talented soprano and accomplished singing teacher, would often find him sitting in on her classes absorbing everything that went on. He would regularly browse through his parent’s extensive record collection and listen intently whilst studying every detail of the record sleeves, thereby cementing his love for journeying through the various landscapes of recorded sound. Somewhere along the line he picked up a new sound in his head that followed him everywhere as a small child. He would vocalise these fascinating tones by using his throat and mouth while he went about the daily activities of a typical 1970’s kid with the world at his feet. Then late one evening it all made sense… his father told him to turn on the TV and check out ‘The Kids Are Alright’ with The Who. He recognized the sound and finally understood who he was. He was put on this earth to play the electric guitar.

Having a broad musical background allowed his interest in music to grow exponentially. He consumed a varied diet of music and absorbed everything he could find with true devotion and at this point; an unrequited love for the electric guitar. He then discovered a trinity of influences that would join together to form the solid foundation upon which his journey as a musician would begin: Frank Zappa, Stanley Clarke and Pink Floyd.

Angus studied the guitar and bass privately throughout his teens and went on to study at university majoring in classical music theory. He then began another degree in jazz while playing in various bands around Adelaide, Australia. To support his studies, he took on guitar and bass students of all ages, styles and abilities. By doing this, Angus soon discovered that to teach with the highest level of quality and professionalism, he needed to reflect upon the didactic process involved in learning and teaching and thereby internalise his own understandings on completely different level. This helped to raise his musical comprehension to new heights and established him as the go to guitar teacher at the “John Reynolds School of Music” and at “Fretco” in Adelaide.

This was a very busy time. Angus was teaching 40-50 students each week, playing in the hugely successful Adelaide cover band “The Court Jesters” with drummer Joe Toscano three nights per week, working as a guitar tech for another band and composing and performing original music with the instrumental progressive rock band; “Sound”, together with keyboardist Matthew Atherton, bassist Mark Franco and drummer Joe Toscano. “Sound” remains one of Angus’ crown achievements where the influences of King Crimson, Yes, Il Balletto Di Bronzo, Genesis, Rush, PFM, Zappa and more became channelled into a striking new chapter of progressive rock.

While playing a cover gig in Adelaide during the 1990’s, Angus met his future wife; a Swedish girl. Before he knew it, he was living in Sweden, making new friends and embarking on new musical adventures. Since moving to Sweden Angus has played in a variety of cover bands including the popular “Two Up Front” and the endearing “Mike Hardon and the Nude Contribution”. He was also a key member in the heavy rock bands “Cosmic Flow” and “Bi-Polar Fuzz Attack”, both of which featured the talents of drummer Bosse Lundström and guitarist Pelle Gunnarsson.

Angus has continued teaching guitar and bass privately since moving to Sweden at his studio, “Shredus Studios”. He has also worked as the head guitar teacher at “Folkuniversitetet” for many years, and is currently working as a qualified Yamaha teacher at “Svandammens Musikskola”. Having a strong interest for the rhythm techniques of South Indian Carnatic music; Angus is currently in the process of writing a book aimed at teaching young children the rhythmic language of konokol.

Knowing that Angus has always had a passion for sound, playability and technology, it will be of no surprise to hear that he is an avid collector of guitars, amps and effect pedals. His knowledge and ear for great tone has led to his appointment as an ambassador for both the BJFE and One Control brands of effects.