Daily Archives: January 23, 2017

Sean & Truey on the Progressive Coffeehouse (Skype Interview and Performance)

Mark Truey Trueack (United Progressive Fraternity) and Sean Timms (Southen Empire) talk about their new project U.N.I.T. db with host Marty Dorfman on the Progressive Coffeehouse show, aired on 20 Jan 2017.

This is the ULTIMATE interview, everything you wanted to know about UPF, Southern Empire, U.N.I.T. db, side projects with Christophe Lebled, Oliver Rüsing (Karibow), Guy Manning (Damanek), Marco Bernard (Samurai of Prog), and MORE.

Live Piano & Vocal renditions of One Day, The Garden (excerpts), and a very rare song only performed once on a Netherlands tv show, called Reflections.

As Sean & Mark summed up the interview, “We have all these crazy projects, but we’re having a ball!”

Sean & Mark’s segment begins at 2:01:35