Daily Archives: September 26, 2015

New videos

Here is the background story for two important video releases filed under ‘Unitopia and side projects

1. Traveler (Mark Trueack with the Samurai of Prog) – from the album ‘Secrets of Disguise, with Marco Bernard, Kimmo Pörsti, Steve Unruh, and Mark on vocals. This is the remake of an early Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) song.

2. Day 6 Ninth Tale – Unitopia (from Decameron II) (Mark Trueack, Sean Timms, Tim Irrgang, David Hopgood, and special guest Steve Unruh (violins, flute) from the Samurai of Prog.

What is interesting about these two videos is Mark’s collaboration with Steve Unruh. They are writing, arranging, and recording for ‘Decameron 3’ as well as for UPF’s ‘Planetary Overload – Songs of Hope’ while Mark is in the USA this month.